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Spring 2023

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Commitment to our Children and Families

Our families entrust their children to our care. They have chosen Brynmor because of who we are, and the experiences children and families have come to expect. We start by recognizing the sacred trust parents place in us as you balance the demands of your careers and your evolving roles as parents of very young children. Even under the best of circumstances, leaving your children in the care of others is a big step. While your children are with us, we want you to know, these are the commitments we are making to you:

Our commitments:

· First and foremost, the safety of our children is our overriding priority.
· Children in our care will be loved and well cared for.
· They will experience joy and security that will build confidence to be curious contributors who will help shape classroom learning and lessons.
· They will learn empathy and self-reflection at an early age.
· They will learn to be fully present amongst all the distractions that our world offers.
· They will have lots of outdoor time–to gain trust, respect for each other, engender creativity and belonging in the world around them.

We are dedicated to communication with our families. Our families will know about the experiences their children are having. We will ask families to extend that learning into their homes. We see families as trusted partners and we ask for their trust in return. This includes proactive communication with our Brynmor team.

We are strengthened by children and families with diverse thoughts, beliefs, traditions, cultures, languages and experiences and we welcome all families into our community!