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About Brynmor – OLD

Brynmor’s first two centers are now open! The first in Lorton, VA at the newly redeveloped Liberty Market followed by the second location at Foggy Bottom in Washington, D.C. at the Department of State Annex. Our centers currently serve children ages six weeks through five years with high-quality early childhood education & preschool. We are a privately owned business established with the belief that private companies have a responsibility to be a force for good. We believe that the growth of our company must be in partnership with the children and families we serve, the early childhood educators and staff we employ and the companies and public agencies with whom we partner.


High quality early childhood education is within reach for every child, family and community.


To ensure that: each child reaches his or her full potential; parents are free to do their best work with peace of mind because their children are safe, loved and thriving; and early childhood educators are respected and valued for the critical role they are playing in the development and learning of young children.


Each Child is Born with:

  • innate curiosity and joy. If children are encouraged to ask questions, explore their environment and discover their world, they will be lifelong learners.
  • limitless potential. It is our job, as the adults in their lives, to establish environments rich in language, cognitive, social, emotional and physical opportunities to nurture a child’s growth, development and learning.
  • empathy and compassion. These characteristics are bolstered and strengthened when children listen to each other, play and problem-solve together.
  • a cultural heritage that defines their sense of self and belonging. Each child’s identity must be welcomed and valued; together these identities and cultures are reflected and lived in each early childhood setting with the intent of developing a community of global citizens.

Parents and Families are:

  • essential in a child’s learning and development. We create and nurture reciprocal relationships with parents and families.
  • involved and invited into programs to observe and partner in classroom experiences.
  • seeking the most optimal settings for their children. We actively partner with employers and the public sector to make early childhood education accessible for all families.
  • racially and ethnically diverse with individual cultural heritages that shape our programs. We commit to seeking to understand these identities, embrace and celebrate them and integrate them into program experiences.

Early Childhood Educators:

  • play the most important role in high quality early childhood education programs.
  • bring learning alive for children through conversation, inquiry, provocations and play.
  • engage parents and families as partners in their child’s development and learning
  • commit to their professional preparedness through credentials and degrees that qualify them to promote child development and learning, build family and community relationships, observe and assess young children’s learning, use developmentally effective approaches and have content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum.


Brynmor was founded by Rhian Evans Allvin. Rhian has spent her career promoting and advocating for the federal, state and local systems and structures that lead to high quality early childhood education for all children and professional careers for early childhood educators. Rhian served as the CEO at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) until May 2022. Earlier in her career Rhian was the CEO at First Things First, Arizona’s public-private partnership tasked with distributing more than $130 million each year in tobacco revenue to support a system of early childhood health and development and a Senior Advancement Officer at the Arizona Community Foundation where she helped donors connect their philanthropy to community needs.